Eyewear Designed for Peak Performance.

Ultralight, uncompromising construction. Handcrafted in Italy. Our eyewear is designed to keep up with your adventure lifestyle.

Built to Last.

Our frames are crafted with Grilamid TR-90, a durable, flexible, ultra lightweight material, able to withstand extreme conditions.

Superior Protection

Our polycarbonate multi-coated lenses provide superior strength, 100% UV protection, anti-relflective, super-hydrophobic / oleophobic and anti-fog to keep you protected.

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Within 15 days, put the box back in the mail with the pre-paid return label. We’ll simply charge you for any glasses you keep.

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Our PROMISE to you:

Free Shipping and Free Returns!

We have a 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy for all our sunglasses. Our promise is simple: we guarantee that you will be absolutely satisfied with your purchase or we’ll pay to have them shipped back to us.


Peak Performance Eyewear


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Eyewear for Every Activity.

We specifically designed eyewear for a wide range of activities. Select a sport or activity from the list below to see our collection.

Help Support Our Vets

Patriots for Disabled Divers is dedicated to bringing the joy and therapeutic benefits of scuba diving to people with disabilities. For every 10 pairs of sunglasses we sell, we donate a pair to this worthy cause to help protect the eyes of our vets.