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What is an EGOER?

“EGOER” is word created by our founders to describe themselves: people always on the go, who consider themselves (E)xtreme, (E)nthusiasm and (E)nergetic.

Each of our products is designed with (E)normous attention to (E)very detail, (E)nhancing your (E)xperience to (E)nable optimal performance for your EGOER activity. So, just go, and take us with you! (E)xplore, be (E)xtreme, be (E)nthustiac, be (E)nergetic, be (E)xcited, be (E)ffective. Now watch us (E)xplode!

Likewise, EGOER Italian-made sunglasses are made with the highest quality materials available in the world, are both incredibly stylish and highly functional for extreme sports enthusiasts that are On-The-Go. Each pair is uniquely designed with specific characteristics in mind designed to enhance performance in that particular sport and/or adventure. From the lenses, down to the hinges, we take great pains to create the highest quality product that you can depend on.

If this lifestyle and approach to quality products resonates with you, you’re probably a great fit to be an Sales Representative for EGOER Eyes!

Compensation and Perks for Sales Reps

  • 25% Commission on all sales made through your unique, trackable affiliate id (also called “Sales Representative code”).
  • 10% Commission on all wholesale orders and reorders to another retailer.
  • Access to Wholesale pricing, which is 35% off the retail price.
  • 25% discount on retail purchases for yourself or family members.
  • Support a Great Cause: for every 10 pairs of sunglasses we sell (retail or wholesale), we’ll donate a code for a free pair of sunglasses to the charity Patriots for Disabled Divers.

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