Imagine the enormous challenge of meticulously designing 10 to 15 pairs of high adventure sports sunglasses. We knew we wanted EGOER sunglasses that were of the highest quality in the world in both frame and lens technology. 

We knew we wanted them to be both incredibly stylish and highly functional for extreme sports. We knew we wanted them to exemplify the EGOER five E(s): (E)xtreme, (E)nthustiac, (E)xplore, (E)nergy, (E)xcite!

EGOERS Going For The Impossible

Many told us it’s impossible to launch with sunglasses. After all, you have to figure out so many variables. There are different face types, shapes, and sizes. Will they be for men, women, unisex? Color combinations, lens choices, frame materials? There are literally millions and millions of pairs to choose from with hundreds of thousands of manufacturers from various regions of the world. How in the heck can you possibly distinguish yourself and come up with 10 to 15 pairs to meet our very specific EGOER requirements?

The Start Of Our Journey

Well, the three of us are EGOERS. Therefore, we are starting with the hardest product category to launch even when so many advised starting with a different product. Furthermore, sunglasses are in fact an integral part of all true adventure sports enthusiasts gear and we saw an enormous void in the market when it came to the details we believe are needed for extreme adventure sports sunglasses. So, we started our journey to find the perfect pairs using the internet. So much out there, but we quickly discovered that so much of it is low-quality garbage—not even close to meeting the EGOER standard.


Choosing The Best Sunglass Designers and Manufactures For Our Products

Trying to select one or two sunglass manufacturers who have cutting edge style and technology with experience in extreme sports is hard to do over the internet. We were already speaking to several companies when we decided to attend Vision Expo East in New York City. Vision Expo is one of the largest eyewear tradeshows in the world.

Vision Expo East Trade Show

Angela and Woody were overwhelmed when they first entered this show. The number of manufacturers, the product styles, materials, lens technologies was astounding. Our mission during the 4-day event was to select two companies as our partner. After about 12 hours per day, non-stop, for three days in a row at the show, we found our “needle in the haystack” from literally tens of thousands of manufacturers. We went into the selection process with an open mind but were most impressed with the Italians who are known for making the finest products in the world.

Selecting The Top Two Italian Manufacturers

We, in fact, found two incredible Italian manufacturers. These two manufacturers in particular really stood out from the rest. They have beautiful designs that are functional, the absolute highest manufacturing quality control standards, and an incredible depth of knowledge from their combined of more than 60 years manufacturing experience. They use frame and lens materials second to none, specifically designed for the hardcore adventure sports enthusiasts. Finally, we knew these two met the EGOER standard for excellence, which we will always demand in everything we ever produce and sell.

Visiting Our Sunglass Partners in Milan, Italy

But for the three EGOER founders, just meeting our partners at the show and seeing the samples they brought was not good enough. So, it was off to Milan to visit our actual manufacturing facilities and create our first sunglass collection. We spent three days with our sunglass partners touring their facilities in Milan and ultimately designing our portfolio. We carefully observed first hand the meticulous attention to detail that they put into making every pair, each being made by hand to assure the absolute precision of quality before being “blessed” as ready to sell. Yes, EGOER standards were being met in every regard. We then coordinated their frame production with the finest lens manufacturer in the world. After three days of detailed designing, we now have 13 pairs with varying frame and lens styles and colors that we expect to launch in approximately three months.

Defining Our Sunglass Collection

We went to Milan with a specific focus. As EGOERS, we are always on the go and living a life of adventure and sport. As such, we wanted to design men’s, women’s and unisex sunglasses for smaller faces, (a niche very highly ignored in the sport adventure sunglasses market), as well as normal size faces. We wanted our glasses to have an (E)xtreme base 8 wrap, meaning that they fit tighter to your face, with a sleek look and unparalleled protection.


Choosing Our Sunglass Frame Material

Our frames are made of the highest quality Swiss made TR90 material. TR90 is a thermoplastic Swiss-made material that is durable, flexible and extremely lightweight. Sunglasses made with TR90 are extremely comfortable because they have a flexible quality. Since they are flexible, they can bend under pressure and contour your face comfortably. This also makes them resistant to damage. Because the TR90 material used in our sunglasses is pliable, they are far less likely to break or bend from an impact. In short, our TR90 frames are made for our hard-core EGOER customers that are On-The-Go and demand the best!

Selecting Our Sunglass Lenses

Now on to the lenses. We needed sunglass lenses that will meet different specific needs for a variety of different extreme sports. They are polycarbonate, making them lightweight, impact resistant, certainly the material of choice for our EGOER customers. Some will be polarized to block glare for our EGOER water sports enthusiasts. They all will have a top layer of Orion, for easy cleaning and anti-smudge. They will be oleophobic and hydrophobic, making them scratch resistant. They will have a multi-layer mirror coating, in a variety of very cool and vivid colors for an incredibly (E)xplosive aesthetic appeal. They will also have a three layer anti-reflective coating to protect against bounce back glare.

Get Ready For The EGOER Italian-made Adventure Sports Sunglasses

In short, we did it and we have what we believe is an incredible EGOER sunglasses portfolio of 13 pairs in various styles and colors that simply meet the three EGOER founders very high standards in every regard. After three days in Milan, laser focused on completing this task, we took a fourth day to chill, eat incredible Italian food (lots and lots of it), and enjoy the beautiful sites of northern Italy by land and boat. We crushed it, and soon EGOER will launch our 13 styles of uniquely and meticulously designed sunglasses to the world.

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